Centres of Excellence
Centres of Excellence

In order to promote value-based learning and research, the University plans to establish a number of Centres of Excellence, in addition to its already established centres and departments, in different schools.

School of Management

At present, the School of Management has one Department – Department of Business Studies and established following three new Centres of Excellence:

i. Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovations

Establishment of entrepreneurial ventures is the need of the hour for India to progress economically and socially. Entrepreneurs exploit existing opportunity by coming out with innovating products and services. They generate employment for people leading to lowering of burden in the society. However, entrepreneurship in any society needs to be actively nurtured by public institutions.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovations at GBUSM takes all measures to nurture entrepreneurial spirit among its graduates as well as common public. The Centre carries out cutting edge research in the area of entrepreneurship. It also undertakes consulting assignments by way of supporting start-ups. For this the Centre looks forward to establishing an Incubation Centre. Short-term training programmes for the entrepreneurs will also be organized in the near future.

ii. Centre for Management of Financial Services

Financial services refer to services provided by the finance industry. The finance industry encompasses a broad range of organizations that deal with the management of money. Among these organizations are banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds and some government sponsored enterprises.

The financial services industry constitutes the largest group of companies in the world in terms of earnings and equity market cap. With sustained deregulatory measures, exposure to international financial markets and the introduction of new products and services, the Indian financial sector is charting an impressive growth path.

This Centre helps support the huge potential in the Indian financial services segment. Activities planned under this Centre include organization of Seminars/Workshops, Conferences, Short term PG courses, Short term Executive programs, Research Projects, Consultancy Projects etc.

iii. Centre for Executive Education

Today, every organization, public or private, is willing to get its manpower trained in latest management tools and techniques. Lately, investment on training has come to be considered as a long-term investment which has very high returns, tangible as well as intangibles.

GBUSM being located in the NCR has ready access to various corporate sectors. All these organizations need in-service training programmes for their employees working at various levels of management. The Centre for Executive Education will run short term and long-term courses for the working executives.

School of ICT

The School of ICT has established following three centres:

i. Centre for Intelligent Systems

The objective of this centre is to offer the highest quality of research facilities in the field of Artificial intelligence. It will include the development of systems based on latest AI concepts like neural networks, robot, Black board architectures and many more. Machine Intelligence is found in many modern-day technologies and can be defined as encompassing all of the developments in both symbolic artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks. It aims to implement the mapping between human intelligence and its incorporation into machines, which effectively means the mapping from human perceptions to actions.

ii. Centre for Information Security

In the present era Internet in which the information can be accessed easily, the Centre of Information Security aims at conducting research providing technical advice and consultancy service in the area of information security to the industry and needy organizations. The centre will also conduct short term courses to create awareness about secured communication services such as telecommunications, banking and finance, and electronic commerce and on various information security issues among the industries and people who are working in the environment of cyber world.

iii. Centre for Open Resources and e-learning

The centre will focus on the research in the area of open resources and e-learning. The research will include different approaches to the design, development, and distribution of free software, open education resources using tools like Wikipedia, Wiki-educator etc and web 2.0 tools.

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