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Rules and Regulations of the Library

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Membership Rule:

All faculties, staff, scholars and students of GBU are entitled to become Library members. Registered Members must produce his/her identity card at the entrance of the Library failing which admission may be refused. Special care should be taken that the Identity Card/Membership Card is not misplaced or lost. If a membership card is lost, it must be reported immediately to the library to avoid any misuse. However, the members will be responsible for the misuse of the ID card, if any.

Issue-Return Rule:

S.No. Category No. of Books Duration
1. Research Scholars 8 45 Days
2. Students 4 15 Days

Fine for Late Return Books:

Members have to return all the issued books on the time failing which fine of Rs. 5 per day per book shall be charged.

General Rules:

I. All the members are required to maintain proper discipline in the library premises, and observe library rules.

II. Silence shall be observed in the library.

III. Users found talking loudly, shouting or quarreling or including in eve-teasing or any other act of indiscipline shall be liable to be punished as per University Rules.

IV. Smoking/Spitting is strictly prohibited in the library.

V. Damage to the library property may lead to the withdrawal of library membership. In serious cases, a heavy fine and other disciplinary action will be levied/ taken.

VI. The use of mobile phones is not allowed in the library.

VII. Any member who is guilty of taking a book out of the library without authorization shall be liable to disciplinary action and withdrawal of library privileges and/or fine. University librarian shall impose any one or more of the following penalties, in case of indiscipline:

a) Warning (by the librarian)

b) Fine

c) Temporary or permanent withdrawal or cancellation of library membership.

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