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The School of Humanities and Social Sciences started in 2009-2010, plays the pivotal role of providing the students with an environment that is conducive for developing an understanding of contemporary society and its pertaining vibrant issues through inter-relationship of society, science, language, literature, social work, technology, management and media. The school has a unique and distinctive role of hosting creative educational academic programmes that focus on creating holistic understanding of complexities of life in social context with emphasis on Indian cultural values and Buddhist ethics. The Humanities section shall consist of three core departments while Social Sciences will have eight major core departments.

1. Humanities

• Department of English and Modern European Languages

• Department of Indian Languages and Literature

• Department of Mass Communication and Media Studies

2. Social Sciences

• Department of Economics, Planning and Development

Department of Education and Training

• Department of History and Civilization

• Department of Political Science and International Relations

•Department of Psychology and Wellbeing

• Department of Public Administration, Governance and Policy Research

• Department of Social Work

• Department of Sociology

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