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The Department of Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary Department with an amalgamation of expertise from diverse areas of basic and applied biology, mathematics, microbial, plant, animal sciences and computer sciences. The aim of Department is to generate highly skilled manpower to meet the existing and future demands of various sectors of economy. The Department offer courses that integrate basic research with industrial application and have excellent job opportunities in Biotechnology. The course curriculum is rigorous with strong emphasis on practical skills. The Department has state of art laboratories to pursue research in frontier areas of Biotechnology. It imbibes in students an innovative thought process by providing them an understanding of both conceptual and applied aspects of Biotechnology.

The mission and vision of the department is:

• To become a globally recognized institution of higher learning in Biotechnology.

• To promote high quality interdisciplinary research in various areas of Biotechnology.

• To built synergistic relationships with industry to develop and advance research in cutting edge areas of Biotechnology.

The School of Biotechnology offers the following programs:

1. Doctoral Programme

2. Post Graduate Programmes (Two Years)

    i. M. Tech. Biotechnology (for Engineering Graduates)
    ii. M.Sc. Biotechnology

3. Integrated Dual Degree Programme (Five Years)

   i. Integrated Dual Degree [B. Tech. (Biotech)-M. Tech. (Biotech.)/MBA]

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