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The Central Computer Center of Gautam Buddha University is a central facility that caters to the computing needs of faculty members, staff members and students. The facility operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. CCC is serving as the hub for computer related services on the campus. The computer centre is well equipped with advanced computers along with all the necessary peripherals as well as requisite softwares.

The Central Computer Centre has power backup through 2-APC 30KVA UPS , 3-APC 60 KVA UPS and a 320 KVA generator set. Air conditioning is provided by the central air conditioning plant backed-up with in-house split air conditioners. Linux/Windows desktops are provided in all class rooms of different schools labs for conducting e-learning and interactive lab sessions during classes.

The CCC network backbone is a Fast Ethernet Fiber Optic backbone which connects the computer centre and administrative offices. The access network is structured UTP network using 10/100 Mbps switches. Connectivity is provided over the campus telephone network using ADSL with installed capacity of 200 lines. We also have a dialup access router with 48 lines for dialup access from anywhere within the Campus.We have 10Mbps leased lines for Internet connectivity from BSNL.

Software for Scientific Computing, Office Automation, and Database Applications are available on various servers. SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences), Prowess(CMIE) are few ofscientific libraries available.  Matlab is the application package for scientific applications. Oracle 9i, and SQL SERVER 2008 are the major database packages.

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