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Only a good body houses a perfect mind and a pure soul. Gautam Buddha University has planned and is developing one of the finest campuses that can rival the best in the world. The University campus is an architectural marvel and has in its master plan:

• A campus spread over 511 acres with about 54000 plus sqm of constructed area, and 30% green   belt with more than 50,000 trees already planted,
• A central library with a reading hall that can house 2000 students at a time,
• An administrative building,
• Eight school buildings,
• The faculty & staff quarters, married research scholar hostels,
• Hostel complexes for 5000 students,
• Two international guesthouses,
• An international centre,
• A meditation Centre,
• A swimming Pool,
• A gymnasium,
• Indoor and outdoor sports complexes,
• Utility Centers
• Water bodies and many other facilities.

Meditation Centre

In addition to curricular inputs the university is creating facilities to guide and shape physical, mental and spiritual growth of young minds, body and soul. The Jyoti Rao Phule Meditation Centre, inspired by stupa-architecture, will be functional in June 2009. This structural marvel will accommodate huge number of practitioners of meditation in its all modern forms and will also house a library with a sizeable body of literature.

Sports Activities

The university promotes multi dimensional growth with emphasis on an integrated physical and intellectual training. Though in its formative stage, it has appointed a physical training officer and has devised special slots in daily curriculum for physical training, track and field activities, and other sports both indoor and outdoor ones. A huge sports ground with an eight lane track is shaping physical health of its inmates.

Shauryotasva, annual sports meet aims at motivating students participate and add physical extensions to their intellectual quests. Recently concluded the first sports meet Shauryotasva 09 witnessed an excellent display of sportsman's spirits of students and faculty members.

Cultural Activities

Abhivyanjana: Unraveling meanings

"Culture is the widening of mind and spirits" well displayed by the students of Gautam Buddha University. The beauty of every culture is enhanced by the minds that practice it. Abhivyanjana is a birth of a new tradition. It is GBU's annual cultural and management event that intends to add wings to intellect, imagery, and creativity of our students. It is very essential for every civilization to preserve their heritage and celebrate it from time to time. No culture can survive in isolation hence it is imperative to make the young generation aware of this heritage. Abhivyanjana aims at dissolving the cultural demarcations and facilitating a new school of thought where every student thinks beyond the limit but still grounded to his values. It also gives a platform to the budding managers and compels them to think out of the box.

Evening Out

The campus has many other pleasing attractions with fountains, water bodies and the Shanti Sarowar with ever inspiring Tathagat's statue in it. The scenic beauty and neon lights are very captivating to mesmerise evening walkers.

Layout of the Campus
        Total Area of the Campus : 511 Acres
        Constructed Area : 357 Acres
        Green Belt : 154 Acres
        Plantation : 50,000 Trees already planted
        Accommodation : 5000 Single-seated Hostel rooms for boys and girls 750 Faculty Quarters and Staff Quarters
        Utility Centers : 03
        International Centers : 02
        International Guest Houses : 02
        Water Bodies : 03
        Swimming Pool : 01
        Sports Complexes 02
        University Auditorium 02
        School Auditorium 08
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