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Policies IT Usage Policies

The Central Computer Center of Gautam Buddha University has made some policy outlines for the responsible use of the IT facilities within the university campus. These policies should be strictly followed by all the users if found guilty necessary action would be taken against it. 

1. Academic Policies

User should understand that the IT facilities at CCC is for academic use and the user shall not use it for any commercial purposes & shall not host or broadcast information that might harm others it would be considered objectionable. 

2. Content Policies

User shall be responsible for all use of this network. If a system is connected to CCC network, he/she will be responsible for all the content on it (for devices that are connected to CCC network).For example any unethical data/content stored on system such as file storage area, web pages, stored/archived emails,Department machines would be found responsible. 

3. Network Policies

User shall not share the network connection beyond his/her own use and will not act as a forwarder for anyone else.Repeated offenses of this type could result in permanent disconnection of network services. 

4. Security Policies

User shall not attempt to set up servers of any kind (examples: web, mail, proxy),byepassing firewalls that are visible to the others outside campus. User will also not use CCC IT resources to threaten, intimidate, or harass others. 

5. Privacy

User shall not intrude on privacy of anyone i.e should not try to access computers (hacking), accounts, files, or information belonging to others without their knowledge and explicit consent. 

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