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Conferences: National Conference on “Development and advancement in conservation, propagation and sustainable utilization of medicinal plants (DSUMP 2017)” funded by Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India was successfully organized School of Biotechnology in January 2017, which had participations from many eminent scientists and academicians of India.

1st Alumni Meet of School of Biotechnology was organized in April 2017

Industry-Academia Meet, 2016 was conducted in School of Biotechnology in April 2016

Workshop on Intellectual Property & Innovation Management in Knowledge Era was organized by School of Biotechnology in collaboration with National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), New Delhi in March 2016

Students Achievements

Success stories of our students: As a result of the rigorous academic training and exposure that students obtain here at School of Biotechnology, their performance at national and global platforms has been consistently outstanding. Some of the significant achievements are highlighted below:

A. International recognitions and fellowships:

    i. Khorana Fellowship: Ms Jyotsna Mishra (2011 Batch)
made the commendable achievement of being the first student from GBU who was selected for the prestigious Indo-US Khorana Fellowship through the Khorana & S.N. Bose Program (2015)

    ii. Dissertations: Ms. Akansha Trivedi (2013 Batch) and Mr. Abhishek Kumar (2012 Batch)
were selected for carrying out their M. Tech. dissertations at NMBU, Oslo, Norway (2016) and Institut de Biologie de Lillie CNRS, France (2017) respectively.

    iii. GRE: Mr. Abhishek Kumar (2012 Batch), Mr. Ashwani Kumar Rai (2012 Batch) Ms. Jyotsna Mishra (2011 Batch) have cleared GRE and TOEFL examinations (2016) with good scores and have been selected as PhD scholars in reputed universities of USA and Europe

B. Students selected for International Doctoral Programs

i. Ms. Jyotsna Mishra awarded Ph.D fellowship from University of Wisconsin, USA. (2017)   

ii. Mr. Ashwani Rai awarded Ph.D fellowship from Lusiana State University USA. (2017)   

iii. Mr. Abhishek awarded Ph.D fellowship from Institut de biologie de Lillie,CNRS France. (2017)   

iv. Mr. Vimal Kumar,awarded Ph.D fellowship from Hallam University, South Korea (2017)   

v. Ms. Sahar Waseem awarded Ph.D fellowship from Hormone Research Centre, Chonnam National University, South Korea. (2015)   

vi. Ms. PraptiPrakash awarded Ph.D fellowship from University of Science & Technology, Daejeon, South Korea. (2014)   

vii. Mr. SushantSadotra awarded Ph.D fellowship from Taipe, Taiwan. (2013)   

viii. Ms. Preety Bajwa awarded Ph.D fellowship from New Castle University, Australia. (2013)   

ix. Mr. Samir Giri awarded Ph.D fellowship from Max Planck institute for chemical ecology, Germany. (2012)

C. National recognitions and fellowships:

    Many of our students have successfully qualified for the prestigious national fellowships such as GATE, JRF/NET fellowships sponsored by

    CSIR, ICMR etc.

1. SoBT students holding Research Fellowships

i. Dr. Neelima Rathi: Awarded Post Doctoral Fellowship for Women by UGC, India. (2015-2020)   

ii. Dr. Mala Mishra    

iii. Mr. Amit Sharma: Awarded CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship, 2017    

iv. Ms. Suman: Awarded CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship, 2017    

iv Mr. Avneesh Dwivedi: Awarded ICMR-Senior Research Fellowship, 2017    

v. Ms. Tripti Singh: Awarded Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for Scheduled Caste Students (NFSC)-2017.    

vi. Mr. Jogendra Singh Nim: Awarded Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for Scheduled Caste Students (NFSC)-2017.    

vii. Ms. Anjana: Awarded Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for Scheduled Caste Students (NFSC)-2016

2. CSIR/UGC NET-LS Qualified students from SoBT:

i. Ms. IshaTyagi, NET-JRF, CSIR 2012   

ii. DhananjayPandey, NET-JRF, CSIR 2013   

iii. Ms. Swati Uniyal, NET-LS, CSIR 2014   

iv. Twinkle Sanchan, NET-LS, CSIR 2014   

v. Ms. Lucky Singh, NET-JRF, CSIR 2014   

vi. Abhay Kumar, NET-JRF, CSIR 2014    

vii. SarjanKapoor, NET-LS, CSIR 2015    

viii. Ms. SaharWaseem, NET-JRF, CSIR 2015   

ix. Ms. NeelimaChaudhary, NET-LS, CSIR 2015   

x. Ms. Medha Sharma, NET-JRF, CSIR 2015   

xi. Ms. Tarang Gaur, NET-LS, CSIR 2015   

xii. Ms. KirtiTyagi, DBT-JRF 2015   

xiii. Ms. HeenaGautam, NET-LS, CSIR 2015   

xiv.Rahul Yadav, UGC-NET 2015   

xv.Saddam Hussain, NET-JRF, CSIR 2016    

xvi. Piyanshu Singh, DBT-JRF 2017    

xvii. Varun Kumar, DBT-JRF    

xviii. Hritika Sharma, NET-LS &

3. GATE Qualified students from SoBT:

i. Dhananjay v Pandey, GATE 2012   

ii. Anshuman Chandra, GATE 2015   

iii. ShatakshiPunia,GATE 2015   

iv. ShaliniSoni, GATE 2015   

v. Akash Saraswati GATE 2015, 2016, 2017   

vi. GayatriKaur, GATE 2016   

vii. Himalaya Singh, GATE 2016   

viii. Pratap Chandra, GATE 2016   

ix. Puneet Kumar, GATE 2016   

x. Nawaz, GATE 2016   

xi. Manish Singh, GATE 2017   

xii. Hritika Sharma, GATE2013   

xiii. Arti Singh GATE 2017    

xiv. imanshu GATE 2017    

xv. Akshay Prakask GATE 2017    

xvi. Prashant Kumar GATE 2017   

ii. Dissertations: Over the past couple of years many meritorious students from SoBT have been selected for carrying out M. Tech. dissertations and/or short term training projects in several reputed institutes like NCCS, Pune; CCMB, Hyderabad; RCB, Faridabad; ICPO, Noida; ICAR, Ludhiana; INMAS, DRDO; DIPAS, DRDO; IIT-Gandhinagar, Gujarat; FRI, Dehradun; IISER, Bhopal; ICGEB, New Delhi and so on

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