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MoU with Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA): As an initiative to strengthen deliverability of the centre we have signed an MoU with Scottish Qualifications Authority on 08 November 2011. SQA develops, assesses and awards qualifications taken in workplaces, colleges and schools. We provide qualifications across Scotland, the UK and internationally. Separately, as SQA Accreditation, it authorises all vocational qualifications (other than degrees) delivered in Scotland. A Chair and Board are appointed by the Scottish Government to oversee and direct SQA.

About Professional Development Awards: SQA’s Professional Development Awards (PDAs) are designed to develop and deliver high level skills in a sharp, flexible and focused way. They are ideal for developing the skills of young people, graduates, and other adult learners. They are ideal for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) so employers can use them to enhance the skills of their employees.

About PDAs:

• Flexible qualifications fit for industry, training and education

• Specialist skills applicable at all stages of career development

• Emphasis on strong partnership with employers and industry in their development

• Focused on professional/vocational, work-based or work-related skills development

• Supports CPD, so ideal for workforce development

• Fills skills shortages at advanced SCQF levels

• Backed by SQA’s world-renowned excellence in developing and quality-assuring qualifications

Out of all the modules for continuing Professional Development (CPD) the major areas of Mutual Interest between SQA and GBU are:

• English Language Qualifications

• Soft skills and Professional Development Programmes

• Training Programmes for Working Professional (MDPs)

• Public Relations and Advertising

• Communication and Media

• Leadership

• Managing Self and Others

• Office Administration

• Office Management and Information Technology

• Organisational Ethics and Decision Making

In addition to these outlined areas we propose to start various MDPs, FDPs, and CPDs as and when approved by the competent authority.

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