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The University has started its ambitious multidisciplinary academic programmes with the establishment of its School of Law, Justice & Governance. The School has been established for the advancement of learning, teaching, research and diffusion of knowledge in the fields of law, justice and governance.

The academic programmes are scheduled to begin in the academic year 2012–13 with a five-year integrated BA LLB programme, commencing in July 2012. The compulsory subjects prescribed by the Bar Council of India are to be taught with subjects underscoring the interface between law, justice and governance. Given the fact that law does not exist in vacuum, the emphasis is to investigate its linkages with politics, history and society for accomplishing the cherished goal of a well-ordered and just society. Through clinical legal education, the aim is to blend the theoretical knowledge with practical learning and the development of skills and right professional attitude. Optional subjects are structured to help the students in opting for the required number of optional subjects not only from the Bar Council of India-designated groups of Constitutional Law, Business Law, Law and Agriculture, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, International Trade Law (WTO Law) but also from a group of subjects covering law-science interface, national security & national security laws, and comparative law. The subjects are shaped with great care to make them knowledge and skills-oriented. With this, an endeavour has been made to cater to the complex needs of the society by developing professional skills of students intending to make a career in legal advocacy, management, judicial and other legal services.

The School also provides an opportunity to explore the undiscovered nuances of the legal profession and to engage in setting new standards in legal education. The approach is to impart the education of law and governance with the needs of the time.


• To advance and disseminate the knowledge of law, justice and governance and research with a view to ensuring their role in national development, and

• To comprehend the socio-political context of the legal structure of the Indian society to achieve social justice.

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