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This is the century of “Biotechnology”. As a multidisciplinary applied science, Biotechnology is to utilize tools and techniques of biology for human welfare. The primary aim of modern Biotechnology is to make a living cell perform a specific useful task in predictable and controllable way.

Gautam Buddha University has started offering post graduates courses in ‘Genetic Engineering’, in ‘Bioinformatics’ and ‘Food technology’ under the School of Biotechnology. These courses in Biotechnology intends to supply both basic and advanced knowledge of biological systems and the technological competence to allow the graduate to carry out research and development activities in the numerous fields of Biotechnology, especially in medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Genetic engineering and Bioinformatics have a key role to play in the cutting edge of research and development area such as functional genomics, proteomics, protein engineering, metabolic pathway engineering, discoveries of new drugs and vaccines, molecular diagnostic kits etc. Food technology, new emerging area of Biotechnology, holds the promise of providing surplus and healthier food products.

Here in School of Biotechnology, GBU, we offer a science and technology oriented course structure aimed to bridge the gap between academics and escalating demand for skilled personnel in the rapidly growing Biotechnology industry. The biotech industry is growing at an accelerated rate by launching number of companies. Thus the entry of corporate sector into Biotechnology makes career prospects in this field bright.

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